What do we do?

My Favorite Restuarant

Where we eat things.

See our MFR calendar listing for dates and locations.

Monthly Social

Where we talk. A lot. And eat things.

Special Events

Where we go, do something fun, and probably eat things.

For our current list of events, visit our events listing on Facebook.



$15 per year

Memership Form

The Northwest Science-Fiction Society is a organization run by local fen for the benefit of local fen with the expressed desire to get together and socialize in our increasingly busy society.

NWSFS is both a local and regional networking resource for fen both near and far to keep in touch with one another and stay informed on science-fiction happenings in the area.

NWSFS is a way for fen to try new restaurants, see museum exhibits and visit all sorts of cool places that they may have always wanted to and have never had the time to do - all in company of close friends!



NWSFS is closely associated with the Northwest's Premier Science Fiction Convention: Norwescon.

Philip K. Dick Award

We are a sponsor of the Philip K. Dick Award.